Konstantinos G. Papageorgiou (PhD in Epistemology and Ethics), born in Athens, Greece. My area of focus is knowledge. I am actively interested in everything related to knowledge since I believe that a unified approach works best when it comes to both understanding and contributing science.

Influenced by the mathematician / composer D.E. Lekkas, I have founded the epistemological peer-reviewed journal Epistēmēs Metron Logos which I also run as the publishing director.

Apart from epistemology that is the philosophical field dealing with the validation, the source and the structure of knowledge (esp. when it comes to episteme and science), other knowledge-related research interests are:

  • Declarative and procedural types of knowledge
  • Acquisition of knowledge (always referring to both types)
  • Neurophysiological substrates of knowledge
  • Dissemination of knowledge
  • Teaching and education
  • Expertise (special and general)
  • Scientific (empiristic) vs epistemonic (theoretical) knowledge
  • Intuitive knowledge
  • Occult knowledge

My expertise in sports science is mostly related to the acquisition of motor expertise, where I follow a holistic approach. This has led to the creation of the Distal Method for expertise attainment. Important contributions to my worldview about education and expertise have always been my own engagement with classical music (its theory and as a guitarist), martial arts and tennis. Special needs education and psychotherapy (through both western and eastern traditions) complete my profile as a knowledge seeker.

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Founder & director of Epistēmēs Metron Logos journal

Distal Method for expertise attainment creator

Classical guitarist (recorded album: Ten is Club)


Major Education

Selected Publications

The Distal Method Coach Development for tennis: a new Paradigm in Coach Education

Towards the model of contributory expert generalists

Expert characteristics: implications for expert systems

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Verification in theory and in the sciences

more of... Education & Training

  • 2017
    Certificate in Adult Education
    From the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP)
  • 2016
    Theater Pedagogy Certificates
    Three years of study with “Pauses Theatrical Team” lead by Prof. Simos Papadopoulos (Professor of Primary School Education Department, Democritus University of Thrace)
  • 2015
    Annual Educational Program in Special Needs Education, Logotherapy and Consulting
    University of Athens, Department of Primary Education
  • 2015
    Neurolinguistic Programming Certificate
    Annual Program in NLP from Psychophysiological Training Lab with Nikos Magalios (trainer)
  • 2013
    Seminars of Political Thought (Certificate)
    Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, Greece
  • 2006
    Badminton Certificate and State licence
    Hellenic General Secretariat of Sports
  • 2003
    Classical Guitar Degree
    Studied at Pythagoreon & Razi Conservatorium with E. Boudounis